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Construction waste management in Redcar

Get rid of all your construction waste with our efficient construction waste management services. Contact Purple Skip Hire today. We offer our services in Redcar and Cleveland.

  • How long has the business existed?
    We are a family business, which has been processing waste on the same site for 6 decades (since 1964). We are the oldest recycling business in the Cleveland area and one of the longest established waste recycling sites in England.
  • How long can I hire a skip for?
    The standard hire period is up to 10 days. If you are finished with the skip before the 10-day period, please contact Purple Skip Hire and we will remove it promptly. If you want it longer you must let us know before the 10 days expires and a small additional rental fee of £1 + VAT per day will be payable. It is the customer’s responsibility to ring Purple Skip Hire to arrange removal of the skip or an extension of the standard hire period. However, if you do not arrange an extension we may remove the skip without notice after the standard hire period has passed.
  • What is a WAIT AND LOAD service?
    If you are able to load the skip quickly, we will wait after delivering it while you you load it and then remove the skip immediately. The wagon will wait free of charge for up to 30 minutes for a mini skip, 45 minutes for a midi skip and 60 minutes for a maxi skip. These times may vary if there is statutory highway loading/waiting restrictions. If you want the wagon to wait longer than the designated free period, then this may be possible but charges will apply.
  • How high can I fill the skip?
    The level of the material loaded into the skip should not exceed the level of the sides of the skip. The existing sides of the skip must not be increased by the use of boards or other materials. The skip must be loaded in such a way to ensure safe lifting and transportation of the skip and its contents.
  • How do I pay for the skip?
    Payment can be made when ordering the skip or you can pay the driver when the skip is delivered. We accept most major credit cards and cash. (Sorry no cheques). Alternatively you can transfer money direct to our bank account.
  • Can the skip be placed on the road, path or grass verge?
    If there is no other suitable place for the skip, we may be able to place it on the public highway. A public highway includes roads, public footpaths, grass verges and rear alleys. When ordering the skip you need to tell us it is going on the highway and we will arrange to get a licence from the council. The cost of the licence varies greatly depending on which council is responsible. We will pay the licence fee, but we will charge you extra to cover the cost of obtaining the licence. Please note the council can take some time to issue a licence, which may then delay how quickly we can deliver the skip to you. Redcar and Cleveland councils are very good and usually only take a few hours to issue a licence. North Yorkshire is particularly bad and can take days to issue a licence. A licence from Redcar and Cleveland council lasts for only 7 days. A licence from North Yorkshire council and Middlesbrough council lasts for 14 days. Once the licence expires you will have to pay the licence fee again or the skip will be collected immediately. Please note if you need to place the skip on the highway and can fill it quickly our WAIT AND LOAD service could be a solution which avoids the need for a licence. This is because if the wagon stays with the skip while you load no licence is required.
  • How quickly can I get a skip?
    Normally we can deliver your skip the same day within 3 hours of your call. In very busy periods this may not be possible, but we will always aim to meet your requested time slot.
  • What licences and qualifications do you have to process waste legally?
    All of our waste activities are licenced and monitored by the Environment Agency. Our management is fully qualified to ‘WAMITAB’ standards. We hold a number of licences to operate within all current waste legislation. Copies of these licences can be downloaded from the documents section of this website. Our vehicles are fully licenced by the Department of Transport and fully insured. Our drivers are all licenced for heavy goods vehicles and are highly experienced in loading and transporting waste.
  • What can I put in the skip and what is not allowed?
    All waste must exclude Liquids, Powders, Clinical waste, Faeces, Veterinary waste, Fridges, Freezers, Fluorescent Tubes, Cathode Ray Tubes (TV’s) and other hazardous waste. Sealed containers such as gas bottles and fire extinguishers are also NOT allowed. With the above exceptions we can take all non-hazardous waste. There are different waste categories with different charges for each category (see a complete list of waste categories in the documents section of this website). The number of waste types now classed as hazardous has increased. Examples include fridges, freezers, fluorescent tubes, oil and asbestos. The only hazardous waste Purple Skip Hire will take (by special arrangement only) is chrysotile Bonded Asbestos (example corrugated asbestos roof sheets). Asbestos must NOT be placed in a skip without prior written authorisation from Purple Skip Hire.
  • Where can the skip be placed?
    Most domestic drives are suitable for our mini, midi and maxi skips. To avoid our wagon going on your drive we will generally place the skip on the edge of the drive. If you want the skip to be placed further down the drive, we will try to meet your request, but YOU must ensure that the drive is robust enough to take the weight of the wagon including a full skip. Where there is no suitable drive or private land, we can place the skip on council owned property. If however the land is designated as public highway we will need to obtain a licence from the council.
  • What happens to my waste?
    All waste is taken to our fully licenced 3 acre, waste recycling centre for processing. Here we sort and segregate the waste into differing waste streams for recycling or further processing. ZERO waste goes directly to landfill. All of the following waste types are recycled on site or sent to other processors for recycling: Metal, Wood, MDF, Vegetation, Concrete, Bricks, Stone, Glass, Plasterboard, Plastic, Cardboard, Textiles, Soil.
  • What do I do when the skip is full?
    As soon as you are finished with the skip contact Purple Skip Hire and we will remove it the same day or the next working day.
  • Does the skip have an easy access drop door?
    All of our 8 cubic yard maxi skips have a door at one end that opens to allow easy loading. This is not available on any other size skips.

For construction waste removal services or any other information, call us now on 01287 640397

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